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    Thanks for the reminder.
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    Mercy, Dear Lord, mercy!
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    Notice how recently the NWO victims of "convictions" are placed in solitary confinement? This is a means for state ordered execution through horrendous conditions. These "types" they don't want to talk or present evidence of exposing the higher ups involved in real crimes and abuse. They're doing this with Manafort as well....beyond what he deserves for his bad deeds which were actually of no real concern to the Justice Dept. before the Mueller false investigation of Trump. And the charges, like those against Pell, are of the type where they can justify solitary confinement "for his own good". In order to know the black hats from the whites just watch the similar treatments given....both on the political scene, like Trump and Netanyahu as well as other leaders who do battle against the globalists, and the Church, like Cardinal Pell.

    Cardinal Pell’s Christmas in Prison

    Sources tell the Register that the cardinal, whose appeal of his conviction for sexual abuse is now being considered by Australia’s High Court, is enduring difficult conditions in solitary confinement.

    VATICAN CITY — Cardinal George Pell may be allowed to receive Holy Communion in his prison cell on Christmas Day but he will still not be permitted to celebrate Mass, sources close to the cardinal have told the Register this week.

    Since the cardinal was jailed and placed in solitary confinement in February, the Melbourne Assessment Prison where he is imprisoned has forbidden the former prefect for the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Economy from celebrating Mass.

    It remains unclear if he has been able to regularly receive Holy Communion, although one source said he has been able to do so, “but not necessarily on Sundays.” The cardinal remains “a very much hated figure here which is why it’s out of the question for him to celebrate Mass,” the source said.

    The cardinal is reportedly allowed one official visitor per week and a source close to the cardinal who prefers not to be named told the Register he is receiving “great support” from a religious sister, while another source, a friend of the cardinal, said “his cell is tiny and he is only allowed five books.”

    The friend, who said the cardinal has been receiving thousands of letters and Christmas cards of support which he tries to reply to, told the Register that some supporters hope to go caroling outside his cell on Christmas Eve.

    Cardinal Pell is serving a six-year jail sentence after being convicted last December on five charges of sexually abusing two choir boys as archbishop of Melbourne after Sunday Mass in the city’s St. Patrick’s cathedral in 1996 and 1997.

    The second alleged victim died of a heroin overdose in 2014, and had denied on several occasions that Cardinal Pell had abused him. The surviving complainant, whose uncorroborated testimony was solely relied on by the jury that convicted the cardinal, has yet to be publicly identified but, according to a number of sources who have followed the case closely, is believed to have also suffered from drug addiction.

    The Australian court forbade Cardinal Pell’s defense team from being able to question the credibility of the complainant who, according to appeal judge Mark Weinberg, changed his story “multiple times.”

    Prayers for him please!
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  4. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Peace and God's blessing on all at the MOG forum. I don't use this forum any more; but came through a link on Spirit Daily about Our Lady of Revelation.

    I would just like to say that last year I requested a Holy Mass for Cardinal Pells intentions at our local parish. There was such a huge outcry with some people threatening to leave the Church if Cardinal Pell was prayed for. The Parish Priest had to give and render an account at each Mass that day.

    I was so ashamed to have caused our Parish Priest such trouble by daring to ask God to help Cardinal Pell. I apologised to the Parish Priest, and would be too scared to ever ask for a Mass intention for this Cardinal, who I do believe is being targeted and falsely accused.

    Surely as Catholics we should know Jesus Himself said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I too felt abused by certain members on the forum which is why I stay away. But Cardinal Pells cause is worth risking more hurt just to come to his defence.

    We have also a diabolic Spiritual War going on in the parish for a number of years. One Priest was almost driven out of his mind. I had no idea what was going on until another Priest came under attack, and he happened to tell me some of it. I can't say too much, the attack is still ongoing; but I have come to realise the other Priest was not a nut case, as we all came to believe. He had been tortured to breaking point. He is now retired early, and he is no longer showing any signs of what appeared to be mental illness. We all have to pray and support our Priests; because I am convinced the devil is able to deceive us. Now like Cardinal Pell we have to be forgiving and supportive and not under any circumstance judge. Let God be the judge. Not self proclaimed prophets on forums. God help us all.
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    It's really good to hear from you again, Julia.
    Welcome back.
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    Julia, I was so happy to read your post. Please stay!
    If I ever hurt you, I am sorry. Please forgive.
    We have wondered about you.
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    Julia it is wonderful to hear from you. It sounds like your parish is in a spiritual storm. Our poor faithful priests. I dont think we can conceive of the persecution so many endure. It's a good reminder to keep those prayers going for them. I agree about Cardinal Pell. There is something very very off about what is happening to him. So many genuine predators go free with more evidence against them but he is put through a horror. Doesnt add up.
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    It's come to my mind the thought that these current, ongoing like never before, massive fires in Australia weren't increased due to the unjust punishment and humilition of this particular Cardinal of the Church....esp. since Australia is known to harass the Church whenever possible....deep prejudice.....and we are now beginning the time of Justice:

    Convicted Australian cardinal moved to new prison after drone incident: media

    MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Jailed Australian Cardinal George Pell, convicted over child sex offences, was moved to another prison last week after a drone flew over the facility where he was being held, local media reported.

    Pell is the most senior Catholic official worldwide imprisoned for child sex offences. The former Vatican treasurer is serving a six-year sentence for sexually assaulting two teen-aged choir boys.

    “Corrections Victoria can confirm that there was an incident involving a drone flying over the Melbourne Assessment Prison on Thursday,” a Department of Justice spokeswoman said on Sunday in an e-mailed statement.

    She declined to comment on Pell, but said that the incident has been referred to the state police for investigation.

    Local media reported Pell has been moved to a new facility following the incident. Melbourne-based newspaper The Herald Sun reported without identifying sources that Pell has been moved to a high security facility in regional Victoria.

    Flying a drone within 120 meters (400 feet) of a prison or youth justice facility in Australia is illegal and carries a penalty of a maximum two years in prison, according to the Department of Justice.

    Australia’s High Court agreed in November to hear Pell’s final appeal to overturn his conviction, with the hearing expected in March at the earliest.
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    Doesn't it just show how messed up and twisted the world is right now when you have so many evil cardinals doing what they want and one really good one locked up in solitary confinement for the worst type of accusations that he is innocent of. Some day Cardinal Pell's sufferings will be the devils scourging.
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    You spoke well, Indy.
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    Hi Julia,
    I've only just read your above post.
    Thank you for your prayers for Cardinal Pell and the mass you tried to have offered for him. I pray that you are able to stay strong 'under Our Lady's mantle' in your parish.

    I believe the mason's have a firm foothold in Australia and a lot of power. I have my reasons for this belief. Masons are devious and I think the top ones take orders from an even more powerful organisation of evil. I also believe that Cardinal Pell was set up and that the little foot soldiers of evil were asked to devise all kinds of crazy back stories to defame his name at the time of his trial.

    The reason I do not frequent the Cardinal Pell thread is because I tend to get upset. I am upset that McCarrick and others in the hierarchy who have a litany of child and seminarian sexual abuse have not faced justice and as Indy states above "the one really good one locked up in solitary confinement for the worst type of accusations that he is innocent of."

    A small group of daily mass attendees at my parish continually pray the rosary for Cardinal Pell before week day masses. I know many Catholic Parishes in Australia would also be doing this.

    Oh Mary conceived without sin pray for Cardinal Pell who has recourse to Thee. Amen
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    Thank you, Josephite.
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    Powerful post Josephite. I believe he is a white martyr. I am deeply touched by your Mass goes praying for him before Mass.

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