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Bishop Schneider: Freemasonry is an “Instrument of Satan” Seeking to Destroy the Church

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Richard67, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a collaborator with Cardinal Burke and an auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, have given a lecture on “Mary, conqueror of all heresies”, in which he warned that Freemasonry is an “instrument of Satan”. Bishop Schneider made this observation in the context of 2017 being the 300th anniversary of the foundation of Freemasonry with the establishment of the first Grand Lodge in London.

    Bishop Schneider described the past 300 years of Freemasonry as turbulent and hidden, in pursuit of a revolutionary and subversive ambition. He described Freemasonry as a “tool of Satan” that has largely shied away from daylight since its foundation.

    Bishop Schneider went on to recall St Maximilian Kolbe’s recollections of the Freemasons’ aggressive celebrations of their 200th anniversary in Rome during 1917, in the middle of the First World War. His Lordship related St Maximilian Kolbe’s description of Freemasonry openly declaring war on the Catholic Church. The Freemason littered Rome with posters showing the Archangel Michael defeated on the ground trampled beneath a triumphant Lucifer. In their protests against the Catholic Church, the Freemasons also displayed the black flag of the heretic Giordano Bruno, a Dominican friar who promoted materialistic pantheism, a central belief of Freemasonry. (Bruno also denied fundamental doctrines of the Faith).

    As a consequence of witnessing the Freemasons’ hostility towards the Church in 1917, St Maximilian Kolbe decided to found the Militia Immaculatae [The Knights of the Immaculate] to counteract the actions of Lucifer.

    In his lecture, Bishop Schneider went on to declare that the goal of Freemasonry is to eliminate the entire doctrine of God, especially Catholic doctrine. To achieve this goal the Freemasons have used many associations and societies. According to Bishop Schneider, Freemasonry seeks the dissolution of morality because they are convinced that unless they corrupt morality they cannot defeat the Catholic Church since they cannot defeat it with logical arguments.

    Bishop Schneider concluded his reflections on Freemasonry by observing that masonic action on this principle of corrupting morality to defeat the Catholic Church was currently very topical again. In response to this, he reflected that undoubtedly the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was immaculately conceived, will in the end crush the greatest of all time: the heresy of the Antichrist.

    Earlier in 2016 Bishop Schneider gave an interview to Daniel Blackman for One Peter Five during which he discussed the subversive influence of Freemasonry:

    Bishop Schneider: Freemasonry is in itself intrinsically not compatible with Christian or Catholic faith, it is intrinsically not compatible, because the nature of freemasonry is anti-Christian. They deny Christ, and they deny the objective truths, they promote relativism, which is contrary to the truth, to the Gospel. So they promote the doctrinal errors of the Masonic philosophy. This is incompatible with Christian and Catholic faith.

    Freemasonry has also an esoteric aspect, which is not Christian. They have rituals and ceremonies which are esoteric, which they openly admit, and such ceremonials are contrary to the faith. Their symbols and rituals demonstrate that they are against the divine truths in the Gospel – these things transmit show that Freemasonry is another religion. I repeat, freemasonry is another religion, it is an anti-Christ religion.

    Even when they do good works, philanthropy and so forth, these dangerous things remain. Their philanthropy is not a justification that we can accept freemasonry, just because of their good philanthropic work. I will never recognise their doctrines and rituals which are against the Divine truths of the Gospel. The Church can never accept this. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s 1983 declaration on freemasonry is still valid. According to this Declaration it is a mortal sin to become a freemason – even pope Francis has not changed this law. This teaching is official and still valid.

    Daniel Blackman: In 2013 on his return flight from Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis made reference to a Masonic lobby. Recently, Cardinal Ravasi, in the Italian paper Il Sole 24 Ore, called for new dialogue and shared values with Freemasonry. Has Masonry won in the Church?

    Bishop Schneider: Of course we know that Freemasonry is one of the most powerful influences at all levels of human society. This is manifest and clear. Theoretically, when one is a supporter, a leader in a very influential anti-Christian organisation, there is the tendency to infiltrate the organisation which is your enemy, it is very logical. So it is logical, over many centuries, that they would have tried and probably succeeded to infiltrate themselves into various levels of the Church – this is clear to me.

    It is difficult to demonstrate concretely, to identify, who is a member. It is very difficult and dangerous, because someone may be accused of being a member, then it is proved the person is not a formally a member. It’s because of the secrecy and esotericism of Freemasonry that makes it very difficult.

    One can assume that a cleric, a priest, bishop, or cardinal, has some connections with the masons by his speech. We hear clerics speaking like Freemasons, clearly, when they open their mouths, they use terms and concepts that are typically masonic. He could be a member, but you have to prove it, but at least when he speaks he has the spirit of the Freemason, maybe he is not a formal member, but some bishops and cardinals speak clearly with a Masonic spirit. I stress this does not mean they are formally members of the Freemasons.


    Dr Rudolf Graber, Bishop of Regensburg (1903-1992), wrote about Freemasonry’s plans to destroy the Church in his book, “Athanasius and the Church of our time”. He quotes from a letter written by a Freemason in 1839:

    “We must not individualise vice; in order for it to grow to the proportions of patriotism and hatred of the Church, we must generalise it. Catholicism is no more afraid of a sharp dagger than the monarchy is, but these two foundations of the social order are likely to collapse through corruption; we at all events never allow ourselves to be corrupted. Do not, then, let us make martyrs but let us popularise vice among the masses. Whatever their five senses strive after shall be satisfied…Create hearts full of vice and you will no longer have any Catholics. That is the corruption, on a large scale, which we have undertaken, the corruption of the people by the clergy and that of the clergy by us, the corruption which leads the way to our digging the Church’s grave”. (Athanasius and the Church of our time, p.40).

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  2. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    No prophecy has unmasked the evils of Freemasonry more that Father Gobbi's "blue book".
  3. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    It is all so ironic when you come to realise the Catholic Church diocese employ masons in the lay roles. Yes, I know for a fact that there was and maybe still is a mason in charge of the diocesan finances in our diocese. And it would be very interesting to know how many more of the rats are running the finances in other diocese. As if there are no faithful Catholics qualified to work in these roles. Makes me sick.
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  4. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    Richard won't be too keen on me inserting this quote from 'True Life in God' but it is relevant:

    God has called all of you to share His Glory; He favours the humble and the innocent; above all, be pure to be able to face the Lord in good conscience; the Spirit of Grace is upon you, and each one of you has received a special grace; these special graces were given to you for the benefit of the Church to proclaim a Resurrected Christ, something in your days considered as untrue; you are to break this barrier of falsehood that is being built; like crafty masons* build a house, these enemies of the Church too are crafty and cunning in their work of destruction;

    today God is putting the weak and the wretched to combat what is spectacular and great in the eyes of this pining world of Apostasy! the Presence of His Holy Spirit will lift** so many corpses; immorality in your days is the crown of this wicked world; but you my friends, who received the Revelation in a brilliant light, persevere to proclaim God's Glory, proclaim a Living Christ and do not fear persecutions, on the contrary, rejoice! what greater favour could the Lord offer you?

    * Double meaning
    ** Raise, convert


  5. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    I think Saint Maximilian Kolbe said it best, although if he were alive today he would be branded as an "anti-semite" by the thought police:

    In 1917 Maximilian Kolbe founded the Militia of the Immaculata. His fight was not turned toward killing the enemies of the Church, but aimed to convert them so they could achieve eternal salvation. It is in this spirit that he addressed his enemies.

    In an article titled “The Poor Ones” he describes the hatred expressed for Christ and His Church in The Talmud:

    “Man was redeemed, and Christ founded His Church upon a rock. Some of the Hebrew people recognized Him as the Messiah, but others – among them principally the Pharisees – did not want to recognize Him. Instead, they persecuted His followers and issued numerous laws obliging the Jews to persecute the Christians. These laws, together with stories and appendixes, became their sacred book called The Talmud around the year 500.

    In this book Christians are called idolaters, worse than Turks, murderers, impure libertines; they are manure, animals in human form, worse than animals, children of the Devil, etc. Catholic priests are called fortune-tellers and bald-headed dunces … the Church is called a house of stupidity and filth; sacred statues, medals and rosaries are called idols. In The Talmud Sundays and holy days of obligation are considered days of perdition.

    This book teaches, among other things, that a Hebrew can deceive a Christian and steal from him since all the properties of a Christian are – from the text itself – ‘like the desert, the first to take them becomes the owner.’

    This book, written in 12 volumes and breathing hatred against Christ, is considered by these Pharisees a sacred book, more important than Sacred Scriptures.”

    At the time of the International Congress of Freemasonry in Bucharest in 1926, Fr. Kolbe wrote the article "Rycerz Niepokalanej" [The Knight of the Immaculate] in which one reads:

    “These men [the Freemasons] believe that they are the ones who will rule everything, but let us hear what is written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Protocol n. 11 states: ‘We will create and put in effect the laws and the governments … in opportune moments … by means of national rebellions. … What we want is that the multitudes, disoriented by the revolt, still in a condition of terror and uncertainty, should understand once and for all that we are so strong, so untouchable, so powerful that in no way will we take into account their opinions and wishes. Instead we are ready and able to crush with irresistible power their manifestations at any moment and in every place. … Then, in fear and trembling, they will close their eyes to everything and await the consequences. …
    For what purpose have we created this policy and insinuated it into the minds of the Masons, without giving them any possibility of examining its underlying meaning? ... This is what has served as the basis for our secret organization of Masonry, whose existence is not known or even suspected by these cattle, attracted by us into the army of Masonic lodges.”

    Here, Fr. Kolbe directs himself to the Masons, saying, “Freemasons, did you hear this? The Hebrews, who have secretly organized and secretly direct you, consider you as beasts, recruited into the Masonic lodges for ends that you neither know nor suspect … Are you aware, Freemasons, of what awaits those among you who will begin to think for themselves? Listen to this in the same Protocol: ‘Death is the inevitable conclusion of every life … We will execute the Masons in a way that no one can suspect, not even the victims themselves: They will all die at the moment it is deemed necessary, apparently because of common illnesses.’

    Fr. Kolbe wanted to save the Jews, but this didn't prevent him from denouncing their conspiracy.

    The saint Founder continues: “Freemasons, you who recently during the Bucharest Congress were pleased by the fact that Masonry is growing stronger everywhere, reflect well and answer sincerely: Is it not better to serve the Creator with interior peace … rather than to obey the orders of those who hate you?”

    Finally, Maximilian Kolbe directs himself to the secret Chiefs of Freemasonry with these words:

    “And you, small squadron of Hebrews, the ‘learned elders of Zion,’ who have already consciously provoked so many misfortunes and are preparing yet others, to you I direct this question: What advantage will you gain? … A huge accumulation of gold, pleasures, diversions and power, but none of this makes man happy. And if still it should give some happiness, how long will it last? Ten years perhaps, or twenty … I ask you, Hebrew leaders, you who have let yourselves be seduced by Satan, the enemy of humanity, would it not be better for you also to return sincerely to God?”

    In another article of 1926, Fr. Kolbe, again citing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, wrote: “They say of themselves: ‘Who or what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. Gentile Freemasonry only serves as a screen for us and our objectives, but our plan of action will always remain unknown by the people.”

    The Saint then presents his position with subtle irony: “But we are an army whose ‘Commander’ knows each and every one of the enemies, who has observed and observes every one of their hidden actions, each one of their words, and even their very thoughts. Ask yourselves, under such conditions, can one speak of secret plans, clandestine actions and invisibility?”

    And here Fr. Kolbe reveals the name of the “Commander” of his army: “It is the Immaculate Virgin, the refuge of sinners, but also the one who tramples the infernal Serpent. She will crush its head!”

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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Richard, it is only very recently I heard the Protocols of the elders of Zion being discredited as being anything other than a fake.

    It is interesting to note that Fr. Kolbe referenced the same Protocols. The world gets curioser and curioser.

    I think the Polish people have a far greater understanding of these things than any other people.
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  7. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    It's like "fake news"
    the global elite do not want you to believe that this stuff is true, yet it adds up, it is becoming apparent to those of us who serve the Lord
    the global elite agenda is the same no matter what names you call it, it takes place behind the scenes deep in darkness
    it's Luciferian, apparently at the highest levels of Masonry, Lucifer is the entity being worshipped , it is heinous
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  8. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Oh yes, I had read a book describing all 33 degrees years ago. It appears the 33 degree has red masses where the Holy Mass is abused by clergy men, the way satanists have black masses. I have heard over the years it used to be protestant clergy; but in later years Catholic Bishops and I suppose Priests joined too.

    The Vatican did on at least two occasions in recent years make it known it was against Catholic Faith to join any of these secret societies. Only God knows who is or is not part of the masons.

    My husband was chased by them all his working life since he turned 21. He did not want to join, and they don't seem to take no for an answer. In one job he was told he would never make the grade without joining. So you might say we had the brexit experience a lifetime ago not knowing what the future held. And I would do it all over again. God's will comes first.
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  9. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    I have heard good arguments that the Protocols are indeed genuine. I certainly would take the word of Saint Maximilian over the word of those who would have the most to gain by asserting that the Protocols are not genuine. I think Christ referred to the "Elders of Zion" as "the Synagogue of Satan." Saint Maximilian certainly had a very good understanding of the workings of Freemasonry. In fact, he started the Militia of the Immaculata in part to combat Freemasonry. Sometimes I wonder if Saint Maximilian was targeted for extermination primarily because of his writings against Freemasonry. It is no secret that many of the high ranking Nazis themselves were Freemasons and members of the Occult.
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  10. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Oh yes, of course I believe Saint Maximilian. It was just interesting this news should pop up on MOG forum a couple of weeks after I had heard on a TV channel the remark about the Protocols being fake. I think we are all coming to the conclusion the media have lost touch with reality. So no worries about me being led to believe the media over a saint.

    Yes, I had heard somewhere that Hitler made his officers make a pact with satan. And that Hitler had sold his soul to the devil to get the power over everyone. You have to wonder if it is true.

    By the way did you know the Prtocols booklet content was discussed in the British Parliament in the 1920's or so I read a long time ago. So it must have been real for that to happen.
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  11. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Yes, the media seems to be in full control now. Yes, back in the 1920's there was still some truths being examined and not covered up.

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