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Aviso News

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aviso, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. John T

    John T Principalities

    God Bless you Aviso. May Almighty God & Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal Blesss you & protect you always! Peace Be With You!
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  2. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    May peace and blessings fill your life from this day forward. Our family is always the first priority.
    God bless
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  3. Aviso

    Aviso New Member

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  4. Great to have you back, Aviso!

    How very strange, you'd popped into my head (I think on Friday or Saturday), so I added you to my prayers. For some reason I'd imagined you in a kitchen late at night like you'd woken up and went to get food.
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  5. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Hello Aviso.
    Wonderful to read you will be in Fatima on the 13th.
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  6. Aviso

    Aviso New Member

    My Friends, currently in Fatima, for any specific Prayers just ask, in any case I Will Pray for all the forum, we keep in touch.

    Ps : thousands are here, at 6.30 Pm huge religious Concert I will be here all the day.
  7. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    You are truly blessed
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  8. Aviso

    Aviso New Member

    My Friends, having diner with few friends here in Fatima, cannot find back my car, we are thousands and thousands, the concert was wonderfull with the présence of the Portuguese President, in 1 hour back to the sanctuary for the night procession, I may have to sleep here next to our Lady.
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  9. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    j'espere que oui
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  10. Aviso

    Aviso New Member

    Back to Lisbon, what a wonderfull day my friends, probably the greatest one since my conversion in Garabandal, I will never forget, The Lady is Great, what a Great Mother we have in Heaven, seeing these thousands of faithful honoring her, running to her some on knees when her statue went out from its place, I have no word to explain what I saw yesterday, this Ave Maria song with thousands and thousands singing...ect...

    Soon pictures and video here as on my blog.

    For the fun, may our Lady forgive me, I met few Irish and they offered me some beers I then forgot completely where I parked my car, thanks again to the local Police they took me and drive me around Fatima to finally find out the car, I spent 45 minutes with them and I was pleased to learn that all them were Catholics and faithfull of the Lady of Fatima....soon more.
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  11. I often wonder about religious anniversaries and prophecies concerning dates or time.
    Understandable that humans want to know the future but expecting something to happen on the 100th anniversary of Fatima is turning religion into a Las Vegas style one armed bandit.

    True Religion can not be some set of future predictions and omens.

    Leave that to the pagan astrologers and scribblers who profit from superstition.
  12. sterph

    sterph Principalities

    I understand what you are saying but the 100 year anniversary of the request to the king of France for France to be consecrated to the Sacred Heart was important. And the king lost his head. So there was precedent.
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  13. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    There are quite a few prophecies in the Bible, in Daniel, and in Book of Revelation, which boil down to lengths of times, quite a few signs, etc etc.
    While astrology is a sin, to me nothing is done by God without significance. There is meaning and purpose.
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  14. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    Celebrate 100 years is a beautiful thing...nothing wrong with that. Might something happen...could be. God does work in mysterious ways. HE sometimes uses anniversaries as great reminders. But Anthony you miss the point. It is a time to reflect... a great moment in the life of the church.
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  15. Malachi

    Malachi Principalities

    Glad to hear some joy back in your posts Aviso my friend. You can't go anywhere without some Irish being up for a few beers to toast the Mother of God. All in good taste as always. We aren't puritans that's for sure.
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  16. Great moment in the life of the church?
    Two men for the first time since the foundation of the church officially authorised to use the title of " Pope".
    Do the think that's great?
    Widespread confusion on the official church teachings concerning marriage, confession and the Eucharist as a result of an official church publication Amor Laetitia .
    Do the think that's great?
    Widespread confusion , fear and uncertainty concerning what the second man using the title of Pope actually believes.
    Do the think that's great?
    Vocations to the priesthood at an historic low .
    Do ye think that's great?
    Traditional catholic countries abandoning the teaching of the Catholic Church by introducing pagan laws on marriage and the right to life.
    Do you think that's great?
    I'm sorry fallen Saint , no it's not a great time to reflect at all.
    I'm all for celebrating religious anniversaries but our times are sad ones .
  17. Aviso

    Aviso New Member

    Absolutely, Catholic Teaching which deals with the doctrines of the last things, called Eschatology, De Novisimmis in Latin or Ta eschata in Greek, Fatima is an Eschatological Apparitions with Prophecies and important dates, Nothing to do of course with astrology and so on, the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun was important and explain also why I was there myself, thank you.
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  18. Why is the 100th anniversary of the miracle of the sun importent?
    It's only a number and of itself it can not be more important than the 99th or 101st anniversary.
    I suspect underlying this worship of numbers is superstition.
    It's in us all.
    Understandable but not real.
    We do not yet even know about this third secret of Fatima so the whole thing remains a bit up in the air.
  19. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    I think history has shown us the Good Lord does place some importance on Anniversaries and milestones.
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  20. Aviso

    Aviso New Member

    For your information as some contact me about it, The health of Pope Benedict XVI is stable and there is no last minute information that should alarm us about his condition, confirmed also by a source in the Vatican concerning the rumors spread by some blogs that ask to pray for Joseph Ratzinger because they assure us that he is going badly and can no longer celebrate Mass alone, the attached video has 10 days only ,during a visit of the French Cardinal Barbarin with some French Priests, to me the Pope Emeritus looks quite well for a man of 90, thank you.
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