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Anyone noticing early fall blooms?

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Don_D, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Don_D

    Don_D Archangels

    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed or had their dogwoods or other fall bloomers blooming early this year?

    As I understand it dogwoods can bloom both in spring as well as sometimes early fall after a hard summer when rains start in. We had one bloom this year on First Saturday. It has never bloomed twice before so we were surprised and as well because the temps here have been 85-90 pretty consistently. No rain in 50+ days too. Quite a blessing! :) I also wonder though if we are going to see an early fall this year now. It is really puzzling because there has been no moisture at all.


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  2. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    In my area the times for growth and bloom have been way off all season
    Thanks for posting the photos
    I never knew that dogwoods could bloom twice a season but your pictures prove it
    Very odd that you would have no rain since you are in a rainy area, right?
    We had a ghastly heat wave for a couple of weeks in July which nearly drove me mad crazy
    And now it is temperate which is extremely unusual for August here
    I have noticed that things are blooming ahead of season here
    I would not be at all surprised if we had an early Fall
    I guess we wait and see
    I live in an area where hurricanes and tropical storms can plague us even in October
    But if the jet stream is just right and we have cool Canadian air, the hurricane will go out to sea and leave us alone
    It just depends
  3. Tanker

    Tanker Principalities

    I was wondering the same thing, if we were going to have an early Fall. Of course, I would welcome it as I am soooooo tired of Summer this year. We have had a very hot Summer here for us Arizona-ites.

    I noticed on the highway the last few days, the caterpillars migrating across Hwy 60. They don't usually do that until September with a little bit of cooling. We are still well into the 100's here. We have had a very rainy monsoon season, almost rain everyday, all day for a most of the season.

    I have also noticed some of our "snowbirds" coming back :eek: and I thought to myself.... "already!" They prefer to be called "Winter visitors" but I like to call them birds.....lol. We don't usually get the influx of winter visitors until Sept/Oct so I am wondering if there are northern areas getting cold already.

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  4. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    Yes, the northern areas are getting cold already....but we just have to wait and see if the hot, humid days return, or if this is it: early Fall.
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  5. Mary's child

    Mary's child Principalities

    A flock of geese passed over my NH farm last night heading southern direction. Usually don't see this until late September.
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  6. Mario

    Mario Powers


    A strange year, indeed! The farmers in your area must be suffering terribly.:( We are just the opposite over here in Upstate NY. The last three months have been most unusual- below average temps and above average rainfall, and as of right now, August might follow suit. The Jet Stream is at fault. For the most part it has been camped out about 50 miles south of us allowing cooler air from Canada to come our way and the storms as well.:coffee: With everything growing up quickly, the farmers have had difficulty finding a string of 3 dry days to hay their fields. And the rabbits around here are truly fat!:LOL:

    Safe in the Providence of God!
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  7. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Has it been cooler up your way this summer, too?

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  8. Mary's child

    Mary's child Principalities

    Yes more like Sept temp's. Also noticed that more winter veggies in garden are in more abundance than seasonal...my take is that is telling us it's gonna be a long hard winter.:eek:
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  9. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Funny you should mention an abundance of winter veggies. Someone from the countryside here was telling me last week that there is an abundance of wild berries and hazel nuts this year. Old timers would say that's a sign that we are in for a harsh winter.

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