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ANTONIO YAGüE ALERT: Warning Astro Visualized - CONFIRMED

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Woman Clothed WithThe Sun, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. OJO_AstroAvisoFacebook20161105Yagüe.jpg

    ANTONIO YAGÜE HAS CONFIRMED IN HIS FACEBOOK PAGE that the Astro being monitored is confirmed to be what he hypothesized.

    This is his post one hour ago:

    El astro que producirá la catástrofe natural del Aviso, en muy breve tiempo, se puede afirmar que desde hoy esta confirmado visualmente gracias al trabajo de muchos y especialmente de carloscalzada.com/x Es muuuy grande, ya está a la altura del Sol y viene muy deprisa. Ante este hecho que ya sólo será más evidente cada día que pase, algunos me preguntan por las señales de entorno social que debían preparar el Aviso. Por el momento, pienso que aunque aún se pueden producir muchas de ellas en cuestión de días, probablemente el Año de la Misericordia, más que cambiar las fechas de lo importante, como el gran llamado a la conversión de la iluminación de las conciencias, lo que ha hecho es aminorar la intensidad de las circunstancias previas que rodeaban su llegada, tales como la guerra nuclear, etc..​

    And this is his own translation posted in his facebook page below the Spanish post:

    The Astro which will produce the natural disaster of the notice [WARNING], within a very short time, it can be said that from today [November 5] this [is] visually confirmed thanks to the work of many, and especially of carloscalzada.com/x [the Astro] is sooo big, it's already at the height of the sun and it comes very fast . In the light of this fact that already will only be more apparent each day that passes, some people ask me about the signs of social environment* that they should prepare the warning. For the moment, I think that even though you can still produce a lot of them in a matter of days, probably the year of mercy, rather than change the dates of what is important, as the great named to the conversion of the lighting of the conscience, He has done is to lessen the intensity of the previous circumstances surrounding your arrival, such as nuclear war, etc..
    The observations that confirm the truth of this can be seen in this page:

    where there is a detailed description of the progress of the observation originally from http://www.cosmicartifactresearch.com/

    *My understanding: people are asking Antonio about the social signs of the Warning that we were expecting and that are not apparent as yet tonight. He says that some may still happen in the next few days. He also offers that maybe the Jubilee of Mercy instead of changing the important dates might have granted a lessening of some of the previous circumstances to the arrival of the Warning, such as nuclear war etc ...

  2. This post from the Sacred Astronomy thread was posted just a few days ago:

    "Woman Clothed WithThe Sun, post: 150397, member: 749"]This is a comment reply Antonio posted yesterday -October 29:

    Antonio Yague PRO1 day ago
    He analizado todo ese website desde agosto. cosmicartifactresearch.com/ Se trata de un fotógrafo del firmamento con un buen equipo que no sabe de posiciones astronómicas, ni de astros. Su equipo ha ido mejorando en estos dos meses y es más de lo que un aficionado medio puede tener. En este tiempo encuentra astros sorprendentes en dos lugares diferentes del cielo casi opuestos. Ultimamente sus actualizaciones se centran en uno de ellos que está cerca del lugar donde se pone el Sol. Tengo que decir que ese astro se ajusta casi exactamente a lo que esperaba en cuanto a trayectoria y posición del astro del Aviso. Ahora está entre Venus y el Sol. Eso es lo que he dicho en mis últimos artículos y ultimo video de este canal. Por tanto es un serio candidato a una observación definitiva. Para confirmarlo, debemos hacer observaciones nosotros y comprobar que también lo vemos. Por tanto, a trabajar en los atardeceres / anocheceres de los próximos días y quizás deberíamos poner un lugar donde cualquiera pueda poner alli sus fotos. También hay que seguir en los canales de Youtube habituales si hay otras referencias que vean el astro al atardecer en los últimos días.​

    I've been analyzing the whole of this website since August http://www.cosmicartifactresearch.com/
    This is made by a sky photographer with good equipment who does not know about astronomical positions nor celestial bodies. His equipment has been enhanced over the last two months and is better than what an average amateur would have. He has tapped now into surprising celestial bodies in two separate places of the sky -almost opposite places. Recently his updates are focused on one of them located near the sunset spot.
    I have to say (this is Antonio speaking of himself) that this body fits almost exactly what I was expecting with regard to trajectory and location of the aster of the Warning. It is now between Venus and the Sun. This is what I said in my recent articles and the last video of this channel. Thus it is a serious candidate for definitive observation (mean it's worth to follow up on it as precisely as possible).
    To confirm this (that this is the expected Warning planet) we must be able to observe it ourselves and prove that we too can see it. Thus we must work at sunset/night fall time in the coming days, and maybe we should set a place where everyone could upload their pictures (findings). We must also follow up on habitual YouTube channels and watch out for other viewings at sunset in recent days.

    This is the specific article that Antonio believes is a possible candidate:
    http://www.cosmicartifactresearch.com/red-sunset-star-vs-venus/ There is video footage, pictures, and this "map"


  3. Carlos Calzada from Querétaro, México, has been following Antonio's work, and Terral's.
    He has traced the trajectory of the Astro for several days and expects it to be visible in front of the Sun starting November 6 -at dusk I think.

    Scroll down for the many images he is providing and how what he has seen matches Antonio's trajectory of the Astro.
  4. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Thank you for posting but I wonder if this object near the Sun is not Mercury? We'll soon see.
  5. Mario

    Mario Powers


    So good to hear from you again!:) Thanks for keeping us posted!

    If this is truly the brown dwarf and if its trajectory indeed places it between Venus and the earth, then whether or not it ties in with the Warning, our prayers before the Throne are needed right now! Pray! Pray! Pray! We are Mary's Army of intercessors; let us kneel with Our Lady!:notworthy:

    Heb 4: 16 Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
  6. Dawn2

    Dawn2 Principalities

    An Astro is a star, a sun in another solar system. If a sun is approaching us and is that close, wouldn't there be extra heat detected on earth, at least in the location facing the coming star? Stars don't move, planets move around them. Does he mean asteroid?
  7. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Antonio is an experienced sky-watcher.
    Wouldn't he know the difference between Mercury and something else?
    I know nothing about the sky or all of this so I don't mean this as a snide comment.
    I really don't know.
  8. You're most welcome Mario!

    Yes, our prayers are much needed. People won't believe this because for those who are not familiar with Antonio's research and Catholic prophecy this is just mind blowing -and could be interpreted as a tale created to alter the USA elections ... and many other things.
  9. Please Dawn, don't get caught in a translation word Astro -in Spanish means a star or a planet or whatever.

    We've posted lots of good information, you may want to go back and invest some of your time reading and watching the information provided to be able to discern and make decisions.

    Muñoz Ferrada called it Comet Planet because of the size -huge like a planet- and followed by a tale like a comet.

    The whole thread Sacred Astronomy: Written in the Stars is about this -and much more
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  10. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    If this is actually it, is it going to be here in a few days or weeks?
    And thanks WCWTS for keeping an eye out.
    I don't speak Spanish so it is hard to follow Antonio's site.
  11. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Those into Bayside will be getting excited. They are awaiting the ball of redemption comet thing.
  12. I understand the difficulty, Praetorian. This is why I haven't left completely the MoG forum, because I thought I would be needed to pass on this information.

    I posted this on October 27 in the Sacred Astronomy thread, which obviously many people don't follow. Antonio made a video updating the expectations of date and there is a week difference expected between the solar eclipse and the pole shift. You oneed to watch the video at the indicated mark in order to understand what is going on. Pay attention and you will see that it's understandable.

    The video of Muñoz Ferrada has English subtitles.


    QUOTE="Woman Clothed WithThe Sun, post: 149960, member: 749"]There has been a recent update of Antonio Yagüe on the heavenly body of the Warning, this is a trailer published in You Tube -not sure if it has been mentioned here. (the full video is on his Vimeo-ondemand channel.

    Basically Antonio has revised his expectation and is taking into account now the extensive work of Terral http://terral03.com/ and video channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNrZdBjWjfssfMx5dETze_g, who seems to have a good grasp on the coming aster based on how it is affecting other bodies. Also based on the extraordinary work of a brilliant astronomer Carlos Muñoz Ferrada who called this body coming to us "planeta-cometa"

    What is most significant, in my opinion, is that the "thing" that is coming is very dark and has a very low reflection of the light -albedo- According to Yagüe is coming between Venus and the Sun.
    You need to look at the video here from 14:21 to 14:55 mark. This is the trajectory Antonio is working with here. In his opinion the aster would begin to be visible -as a very dark tiny spot starting October 28 when Venus is located in the straight line 90º angle between the Sun and the Earth.

    Antonio states that the aster will arrive on November 13 at the point of the straight line Eart-Sun in the picture and will cause the solar eclipse etc as in the Book of Revelation. That will be the moment of the Warning, he says. But the Pole Shift won't happen then because the body keeps coming closer to the Earth in its trajectory. So the closest point of approach to Earth will take place on November 20 when the aster would be in the point where the line of the Earth orbit intersects with the aster's orbit. Then it will be 10 times closer than the Sun and this will pull the Earth to turn around. It is then, on the 20th of November and not on the 13th when the disasters happen.

    If this were to happen like this, the spiritual aspect of the Warning and the astronomical disaster would be basically one week apart
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  13. The dates indicated in the previous post #12 are amazing because on the 13th of November the Jubilee of Mercy will close in all cathedrals and Dioceses of the world EXCEPT ROME. On November 20th the Pope will be closing the Jubilee Year in Rome at the Vatican Basilica ... if it is still there .... or maybe the Jubilee of Mercy will NEVER be closed!!!!! and that has incredible meaning for our times . The Goodness of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
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  14. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Thank you :)
  15. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    WCWTS, Will you need a telescope to see it at this point?
  16. Fatima, look at the links provided and the pictures. It is with telescopes and cameras that it has been captured and photographed. In a few days will be way too obvious to the naked eye. It is all in Yagüe's videos. I don't have the time to search for it now but you can do it.
  17. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    I looked over all the information you provided, but it was not clear whether it would be visible with naked eye or with telescope. I will be looking with binocular's tomorrow evening. Living out in the country with a clear view to the west, it may be visible for me. Thanks.
  18. If you look with binoculars tomorrow at night fall it will be a tiny grain of sand -from what I understand. The pictures of the links above -taken two days ago and before- are taken with very powerful instruments that have the constellations available to recognize positions of celestial bodies etc. But the size is so huge and the speed so incredible that we will see it very soon. People will be terrorized.
    Also I'm guessing that the mainstream Media will keep it quiet even beyond when it is obvious because the powerful of the world count on the disasters for their purposes. They have built their "safe refuges" to run to and leave behind 7 billion people to face the havoc.

    Just take a look at the Georgia Guidestones and its first commandment of the New World Order. The Masonic principle that order comes out of chaos. They are expecting and counting on the universal disaster to afterwards establish their one world power.
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  19. Dawn2

    Dawn2 Principalities

    Everyone should always pray, but before anyone does anything more, please check around to see if any other astronomer has seen such an object. While astro in Spanish can be heavenly body in common parlance, an astronomer would only use it to mean star. In Spanish Comet is cometa, asteroid is asteroide and planet is planeta. There must be some Spanish speakers here who can confirm... Just advocating caution, sorry if anyone is unhappy with that, no intention to offend here...
  20. No offense at all Dawn. My first language is Spanish so I may not be using the right word in English. This is why I say that you don't need to be caught in the word I used to translate the Spanish "astro", which is a generic word used when you don't really know what the "thing" truly is.

    And you are absolutely right that astronomers around the world will see it anytime now.

    As to "doing anything". What needs to be done is to have food and basic supplies at home, and if you live near the shore or low highland start searching for a possible safe place 400 meters above sea level. You don't need to pack and move yet, tonight, but if this is universally confirmed, in a week from now you will be happy of having spotted a place to go and take your family with you. Just be prepared.

    And if ultimately this is proved wrong, you didn't lose more than an "failed plan for a vacation". It's up to you.

    Obviously you haven't seen any of the information posted in dozens of videos in this forum. So discussing the translation of a word from someone who is not even English speaking from birth is just ... a waste of time.

    I too am nervous but this is serious stuff.

    THE MAIN THING IS TO PRAY, REPENT, AND GO TO CONFESSION because we are going to meet our Savior for a personal life exam.
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