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Am I just too old fashioned?

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by Shae, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Shae

    Shae Principalities

    I will not allow my adult children and their boyfriends/girlfriend, to sleep overnight in the same bed at my house, so consequently, they never stay overnight, despite the fact that I have 2 spare bedrooms sitting empty. It has caused many an argument between myself and my kids, and I'm afraid my husband disagrees with me also (although he just goes along with my 'house rule'). My 27 year old son who lives with his girlfriend, just told me today that he met a seminarian who says he doesn't agree with me and that the Archbishop doesn't say that either. Am I wrong in my 'old fashioned' thinking, or is this what seminarians are being taught these days? I'm troubled and confused:(
  2. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Does it matter what seminarians are teaching if it is wrong? Shae, you are NOT wrong in this matter and you should stop doubting yourself. Unless these kids are married they should in no way be sleeping together in your home. Period. Let alone living together.
    Why should you foster an environment ripe for the temptation to sin? It is your home, you should and are providing exactly what you should be. A loving home in which sin is not given an option.
    Stick to your guns.
    They are under your authority until such time as they are married.
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  3. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria


    Stand strong Shae. It may not happen anytime soon, but at some point your children will come to respect your unwillingness to compromise on your morals.
  4. soldier of christ

    soldier of christ Principalities

    I totally agree with you, and you should not let the evil one sow doubts in your mind. However, maybe you should see a bright side to this. Perhaps you have planted the seed in your children's mind, for they went so far as to ask the opinion of a seminarian. They questioned their beliefs. Sometimes it is very hard to keep the good fight going, when we feel weakened we need to call on the support of our fellow members here on MOG to help lift us back up.!:)
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  5. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Shae, you surely can let your children sleep with their partner's if you are willing to sell your soul along with other family members. I have been in the same boat, but my children don't even suggest doing such a thing in my home, because they have been taught better from youth and although they may be doing what the world is doing in their own places, the first sign they read coming into mom and dad's home is: AS FOR ME ANY MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD (Joshua 24:15). That being said, we must draw strength in knowing that we are being sifted and tested at this point in history. The wheat and the chaff are being identified. The burning of the chaff will soon begin and we should be readying ourselves for this. Our testing has only just begun, so lets not flunk the test at this point. There will be much greater challenges than this that we will need to defend, so look at this as a quiz.
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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Shae, stand your ground. You are instructing your children in the right path, even if they have made choices you rightly do not approve of.

    You as a parent are giving them the right example in the sight of God, and one day they will thank God for your steadfast Faith.
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  7. Byron

    Byron Archangels

    I can't tell you how much all these beautiful comments mean to me. As a parent, sometimes I feel so alone. To read that all of you believe and actually do what I do is so refreshing. There is hope. Yes, Shae, stay strong! Please may the Warning come soon.
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  8. Shae

    Shae Principalities

    I couldn't agree with you more Byron. I so appreciate the encouragement and support from our MOG family. Thank you all so much!
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  9. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Pope Pius XI's encyclical, Dicini Illius Magistri: "in our times of moral corruption, parents must be mindful that among their primary duties is a vigilant care to protect their offspring from dangerous schools, companions, dating practices, television, music, dances, dress and many times, even religious education." From the book Be Faithful And Attentive, A handbook for Living in the Divine Will.
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  10. AED

    AED Powers

    It is a dreadful fix to be in. I went through it too and held the line until I caved in with my youngest son. I’ve taken it to Confession long since and it haunts me to this day. Hold fast Shea. You are not old fashioned. You are brave and right and the persecution you are getting is the blowback the righteous receive even from their own families when they uphold God’s law. That seminarian is in real danger because he is being taught bad theology. Stay strong!! God bless.
  11. DivineMercy

    DivineMercy Archangels

    Shae, your post really touched me. A dozen years ago I was one of those children. My parents stood strong, and though I resented it, I knew in my heart that they were right. Sin blinds you, and while in a state of sin a person will say anything they can think of to justify what they are doing. Be strong, your witness to the Faith, even if unwanted at this time, will have a lasting impression on your kids.
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  12. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    You know it is a pretty serious sign of how deeply and insidiously the Church has been corrupted by modernism when a seminarian and supposedly an Archbishop do not agree with you on this.

    Exactly what planet is this? Sister Lucia told us that anyone who stood for the family would be attacked Shea. She didn't mention (as far as we know) that it would be by our own clergy but these are the times we live in. I will pray for your intentions in this matter at Mass.
  13. Shae

    Shae Principalities

    I didn’t want to argue the point (again). I simply told my son that the seminarian is wrong. I really don’t believe our Archbishop would think this way, so there may be a misunderstanding there.
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  14. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    I think Don that Our Lady has come again and again to warn of the crisis in the clergy.
    This has been Her consistent theme.
    And stand fast Shae.
    The best chance of your children returning to the Faith is you.
    You are probably the only one who can still prick their conscience.

    I just finished re-watching the 1980s BBC classic Brideshead Revisited.
    An amazing work of conversion and return to the Faith.
    Your story reminds me a little of Lady Marchmain.
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  15. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    These are indeed confusing times.

    I have done the same thing with my eldest son and his girlfriend (now fiancee) for 12 years they have been together. So you are not alone.

    They know that from next April when they get married they can share a bed in my home.

    It takes courage to stick to you convictions.

    One day I have to give an account to God.

    The way I looked at it is that my eldest son has 2 younger brothers -- what example would I be setting to them in this regard?

    It is my home. Hopefully it is a Godly home.

    That is why I find parts of Amoris Laetitia so disturbing. In my opinion it has given in to the spirit of the age with regard to cohabitation and irregular unions.

    For me it was a slap in the face to read those paragraphs that contradict the stance that I (and many others) have taken on the issue of cohabitation at much personal cost and sacrifice.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  16. Mario

    Mario Powers

    I stand with Garabandal in this:

    It takes courage to stick to you convictions. One day I have to give an account to God.

    If we can't make a stand in our own home, will the one in public be any easier? I'm proud of you, Shae!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    If you permit sin under your roof you become part of the sin and will be judged by God accordingly. Since the sin is mortal whatever you do, do not permit this. In fact I suspect you will be judged more severely as a parent and someone who should have known better.

    I read a wonderful post by a priest a few weeks back. He travels a lot giving talks and he says he always bring Holy Water with him to sprinkle in strange Hotel Rooms. He said you never know what is going down in such places and we really need protection in these strange places.

    The same goes for your house. Let evil take place and evil will enter there causing who knows what?

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