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Agafia, A Hermit Surviving 70 Yrs in Wilderness

Discussion in 'Spirit Daily and Spirit Digest' started by Fatima, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    This is a remarkable video with a 70 year old lady who lived her whole life in the wilderness of Russia to escape communism and the hold on to the true belief. Very prayerful she is and at the 35 min mark speaks of the mark of the beast. The 43 min mark she speaks of communism today and at the 50 min mark she speaks to all the true believers. We could all learn much on survival from this old lady.

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  2. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    I watched this last night. It was an interesting video. I like that Agafia smiles so much and doesn't complain about her constant need to work. I wish that the directors had spent less time on her neighbor and his allegations, and more time inquiring about her survival knowledge and wisdom. For instance, when she mentioned that two full moons (or did she say new moons?) in March meant a poor harvest for the year. Her simple, prayerful, work filled life is an inspiration.
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  3. sparrow

    sparrow Archangels

    Amazing life. I hope she finds her helper. I will pray for her...
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  4. Tanker

    Tanker Principalities

    Wonderful video. What a prayerful woman. I bet she has so much insight as she is away from most of the world's "noise" Thank you for sharing the video.
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  5. angelicpeace

    angelicpeace New Member

    Thank you for sharing, what a Holy woman
  6. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    She did find her helper after writing the letter. A man came who has lived with her for a year now and handles all the hard chores.
  7. gracia

    gracia Angels

    I think she has had a difficult life, and has faced trouble and abuse. Still, she is happy and smiles, and thinks always about spiritual, Christian things.

    My impression is that years ago, her neighbor was pushy and vulgar, she refused him, and now he is bitter. He admits to making advances. What to make of the incest angle, I don't know. If Agafia suffered further harm from her father, may God give her peace and mercy; that is very difficult.
  8. gracia

    gracia Angels

    A bit of context; the Old Believers are a bit like the Eastern Orthodox version of Sedevacanti Catholics; they have much is common with the Eastern Orthodox in prayer, doctrine, and belief, but refuse the validity of the Eastern Church after calenderical and ritual reforms were taken up. They were badly persecuted by Eastern Orthodoxy, and fled here and there to escape harassment. Some seem to hold that the present Eastern Orthodox Church is itself heretical, and in schism from Truth. Others simply want their old calendar back, and would be willing to return to Eastern Orthodoxy, as long as they could retain their traditions and Holy days.

    What saddened me was this poor lady's awful experiences with men. I hope she doesn't believe that forced contact or rape effects her final Salvation; it wasn't her fault. She has strived to be pure and simple, and love Christ, and may God openly reward her for that.

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