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Abortion & The suffering of the Eucharistic Christ

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by Mea Kulpa, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Mea Kulpa

    Mea Kulpa Angels


    Its a silent crime, the little ones crucified. The single celled zygotes prevented from implantation. Discarded rejected ignored even unrecognised. Tiny babies treated with insignificance their humanity doubted the crime of abortion often unknown. Only a few speak out their words drowned out by "its my choice, its my right the law permits it". Tiny babies crushed by those who should protect them their humanity trampled upon

    Today Jesus suffers with these little ones in a similar way in the eucharist. Just as the unborn child suffers at the hands of the one it loves the most. Jesus suffers at the hands of those he loves the most....us

    Yes Jesus is suffering with these little ones and it is by our own hands we inflict the suffering. Just as often as abortion is unknown after its caused by ignorance of the effects of contraception... by our own hands our lords suffering is inflicted upon him unknown by us in our ignorance. Its a silent crime commited by us often we dont even know we are doing it.

    Tiny little fragments prevented from being consumed discarded rejected ignored even unrecognised tiny little fragments treated with insignificance their body blood soul and divinity unrecognised. Only a few speak out their voices drowned out by its my choice its my right the law permits it. Jesus crushed by the feet of those who should protect and reverence him and its done by our own hands when those tiny fragments are brushed off onto the floor and his divinity is trampled under our feet.

    End reception in the hand...and God may grant the graces so we can end abortion
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