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A Search Feature For All Your Theology And Religion Questions

Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by Padraig Cremin, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Padraig Cremin

    Padraig Cremin New Member

    Hi There,
    Padraig has kindly agreed to let me tell you about a site I've been working extremely hard on for several months. I wanted to create a central repository that would store as much theology and religion resources as possible. A place where you could type your queries and be shown results from videos, audios, books, articles, sermons etc so that you can delve into that topic as much as you like.
    E.g If i wanted information on say "Aquinas" simply typing it in would produce the following results:

    I've pesonally found it very useful for getting references, answers or information in general and I really hope you too find it useful.
    The site has still some work that needs to be done but the main features are in place.
    I do hope you take a few minutes to have a look.
    Your thoughts, criticism and suggestions are very welcome.
    God bless.
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  2. Padraig Cremin

    Padraig Cremin New Member

    Hi Thank you so much for your feedback and emails.
    Much appreciated.
    I've fixed an issue spotted by you where a space in the search term caused no results to return.
    Thanks again for pointing this out.
    There may be some other small issues that have escaped in the rollout. I'm testing as much as I can.
    God bless

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