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A Question; JFK

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by padraig, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Byron

    Byron Archangels

    All true Richard and thank you for the info. Robert Stone is responsible for putting Trump in the White House, he won't let this go so easily. He is fighting back for the truth to come out. But I believe there is one thing not correct on the facts about Oswald. The pamphlets he was giving out in New Orleans with Cruz's father were pro Castro. At the time, even the American media was hailing Castro. The CIA was already backing the anti Batista rebels in Cuba, and outside Cuba.
  2. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Corrosive ammo, the kind used in WWII and Korea and readily available even today as military surplus in the US gives off what some may think is a cloud of smoke when it is fired. It is a much dirtier ammo and was used in Vietnam in the beginning as well but caused all kinds of problems with the M16. I guarantee that the rifle used by Oswald was fired using it as well. Just something to consider.
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  3. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    A Marine Marksman; in other words he qualified with a rifle. Just because it is labeled Marksman means little. If he had not qualified he would have been booted from the Marines since every single Marine is a rifleman first and whatever their job is second. It isn't impossible, but it sure isn't likely.

    Ask a hunter about taking shots at a moving target and how often they put one of those rounds in a vital area on a target that is 10 times as large as a set of shoulders and head running away from them. Like I said, it isn't impossible but it sure isn't likely. Throw in a rifle that the scope was so out of adjustment that it had to be shimmed to even test fire after the fact. Or that the rifle malfunctioned several times when tested and never made 3 good shots replicating the circumstances of the shooting, or that Oswald passed the facial paraffin test that would have identified gunpowder on his face and hands. The police never even inspected the rifle for fouling afterward which would indicate that it was even used.

    I've always wondered about people who defend this argument and whether or not they would call themselves avid shooters? Just wondering? It seems like something that would not be terribly hard and by no means is it impossible but on the other hand one has to practice with dogged discipline to make shots such as this. The Military experts after the shooting could not replicate it under the same circumstances until decades later.
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  4. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    The Mannlicher-Carcano is a loud firearm. Here is a video of it being shot:

    Now watch the Zapruder Film:

    One thing you will not see is anyone reacting to a loud, high-powered firearm being fired multiple times right above their heads from the TSBD.

    Most of the witnesses also described not high-powered gun shots but rather reports that sounded like "firecrackers." This would make sense if someone was firing lower-power firearm or a suppressed firearm. Of all the firearms to use for an assassination in 1963 under the close-quarters of Dealey Plaza, the Mannlicher-Carcano would have been the last on my list. Towards the top of my list would have been an M1 Carbine or the De Lisle Carbine. A firearm of this variety would have been very accurate at those ranges and would also have been easily concealed and removed from the TSBD in the moments following the assassination. And both the M1 and the De Lisle (or a firearm similar to them) have the cyclic rate capable of getting off the shots, accurately, in the timeframe Oswald was alleged to have fired them. The Mannlicher-Carcano that Oswald allegedly used was a piece of junk, was not even sighted in properly.

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