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    I have a question about how frequently I should go to confession, now that I'm making major success in staying out of mortal sin. (though I still struggle a lot.) I go to confession now to gain indulgences, to confess serious venial sins, and to avoid falling back into mortal sin. I'm wondering if decreasing the frequency in which I go to confession now will increase both my charity and horror of sin? Because now, in regards confessing serious venial sins and avoiding mortal sins, I think I'm doing it more out of scrupulosity than contrition.

    What are your thoughts, how frequently should I go to confession?
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    That's the kind of question you should put to your priest.

    It's probably a matter of trial and error. If you are going weekly, try going fortnightly instead and see how you're doing after a while. If you are going fortnightly, stretch it to three weeks or a month. Monthly is about right especially if you're doing the First Saturday and First Friday devotions although I'm not sure whether Confession is required for the First Fridays. Needless to say, if you have a mortal sin to confess you should go as soon as possible.
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    This may help youRW::

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