A Mother's love endures forever

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  1. I have recently been taking turns with my brothers and sister's in taking my mother to mass as she is now at the age of not being able to go herself God bless her she is 87 now.. Well I got the most beautiful lesson this Sunday and it made me think of Our lady's attitude towards us she always sees us as little children.. When the collection basket was being passed around at mass my mother tapped me on the hand and gave me a pound coin I laughed and said whats this for (my own pride and arrogance was saying your 51 years old) her reply was just beautiful she said its for the basket dummy.. It just brought me back to being a child again at mass with mum the years meant nothing I was still her little boy :love: just as Our Holy Mother sees us for sure :love:
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    That is SO sweet a story. :D
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    Love this! God bless our mothers.
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    Cherish every moment with her that you can. Take your own family with you. What a blessing.
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    Thanks for sharing. Definitely something I need to keep reminding myself of.

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