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2018-2019. The Warning And The Miracle ?

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by tomekos, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    I'm sorry, but my English is poor, so I'm using a translator.
    However, if someone knows a person who speaks in Polish, I also present the Polish original. We know that translations are not perfect.

    I have been interested in Garabandal for many years and I also wondered when a warning or a great miracle could happen. However, I did not think it was the most important thing. The most important is the personal reception of Mary's message and admiration for what happened at Garabandal. For some time, however, I began to experience strange thoughts, or maybe inspiration. I do not know what is it. It can also be an illusion or an evil spirit. That's why you have to be very careful and never trust such things. I did not write about it at all. However, it does not give me peace. PERSONALLY, I BELIEVE THAT THERE WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THE DAY WHICH I SHOULD KNOW. However, if a warning is issued on July 22, 2018, probably a great miracle will happen on April 11, 2019. Then I will write everything and explain where it came from. I warmly greet you all!

    Przepraszam, ale mój angielski jest słaby dlatego korzystam z translatora. Jeśli jednak ktoś zna osobę, która mówi po polsku przedstawiam również polski oryginał. Wiadomo, że tłumaczenia nie są doskonałe.
    Od wielu lat interesuję się Garabandal i ja również zastanawiałem się kiedy może nastąpić ostrzeżenie lub wielki cud. Jednak nie uważałem, że to jest najważniejsze. Najważniejsze jest osobiste przyjęcie przesłania Maryi i zachwycenie się tym co się wydarzyło w Garabandal. Od pewnego czasu jednak zacząłem doświadczać dziwnych myśli, a może natchnień. Nie wiem co to jest. To może być również złudzenie, albo działanie złego ducha. Dlatego trzeba być bardzo ostrożnym i nigdy nie dowierzać takim rzeczom. Miałem o tym w ogóle nie pisać. Jednak nie daje mi to spokoju. OSOBIŚCIE UWAŻAM, ŻE W DNIACH, KTÓRE WSKAZUJĘ NIC SIĘ NIE WYDARZY. Jeśli jednak 22 lipca 2018 nastąpi ostrzeżenie to prawdopodobnie wielki cud wydarzy się 11 kwietnia 2019. Wtedy wszystko napiszę i wyjaśnie skąd sie to wzięło. Wszystkich gorąco pozdrawiam !
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  2. sparrow

    sparrow Archangels

    Hi tomekos. Can you tell us the significance of July 22?? Thanks.
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  3. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    Hi sparrow,
    I will start from the date of the miracle. To the date of the warning on July 22, 2018, I came a little later. For the first time the date 11 April 2019 appeared in my considerations some 3-4 years ago. I think so.
    I was wondering if there is someone who has similar observations. Looking by the miracle date I came across this page:


    However, with my poor english I do not understand these calculations.

    Recently I came across this movie:

    I do not understand anything here because it is in spanish.

    As I wrote earlier, the date of the warning on July 22, 2018 appeared later and follows directly from the date of the miracle on April 11, 2019. I do not know if I should write about it, because if nothing happens, July 22, 2018 it will all be just empty words, meaningless and maybe it's ridicule Garabandal. I'm scared of this.
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  4. sparrow

    sparrow Archangels

    It's no use trying to discern dates. It will happen all in God's good time. As long as we stay in the state of grace, we will be ok. People put so much work into trying to figure out dates and then it's usually all wrong anyway. And yes, then it can make the apparition look bad. I just wondered where the July 22nd date came from. Thanks for the info.
    I don't speak Spanish either so the video is lost on me too!
  5. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    sparrow, you're absolutely right. That is why I am careful. However, I will try to clarify a few issues.
    First of all, I believe that the pontificate of John Paul II is the pontificate of the end times. Not the end of the world, let it be clear.

    When Saint Faustyna Kowalska was in the novitiate (1926-1928) she had a dream:

    (150) +I want to write down a dream that I had about Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. I was still a novice at the time and was going through some difficulties which I did not know how to overcome. They were interior difficulties connected with exterior ones. I made novenas to various saints, but the situation grew more and more difficult. The sufferings it caused me were so great that I did not know how to go on living, but suddenly the thought occurred to me that I should pray to Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. I started a novena to this Saint, because before entering the convent I had had a great devotion to her. Lately I had somewhat neglected this devotion, but in my need I began again to pray with great fervor. On the fifth day of the novena, I dreamed of Saint Therese, but it was as if she were still living on earth. She hid from me the fact that she was a saint and began to comfort me, saying that I should not be worried about this matter, but should trust more in God. She said, "I suffered greatly, too," but I did not quite believe her and said, "It seems to me that you have not suffered at all." But Saint Therese answered me in a convincing manner that she had suffered very much indeed and said to me, "Sister, know that in three days the difficulty will come to a happy conclusion." When I was not very willing to believe her, she revealed to me that she was a saint. At that moment, a great joy filled my soul, and I said to her, "You are a saint?" "Yes," she answered, "I am a saint. Trust that this matter will be resolved in three days:" And I said, "Dear sweet Therese, tell me, shall I go to heaven?" And she answered, "Yes, you will go to heaven, Sister." "And will I be a saint?" To which she replied, "Yes, you will be a saint." "But, little Therese, shall I be a saint as you are, raised to the altar?" And she answered, "Yes, you will be a saint just as I am, but you must trust in the Lord Jesus." I then asked her if my mother and father would go to heaven, will [unfinished sentence] And she replied that they would. I further asked, "And will my brothers and sisters go to heaven?" She told me to pray hard for them, but gave me no definite answer. I understood that they were in need of much prayer. This was a dream. And as the proverb goes, dreams are phantoms; God is faith. Nevertheless, three days later the difficulty was solved very easily, just as she had said. And everything in this affair turned out exactly as she said it would. It was a dream, but it had its significance.

    Forty years later her process of Beatification began:

    October 21, 1965 Twenty-seven years after the death of Sister Faustina, Bishop Julian Groblicki, specially delegated by Archbishop Karol Wojtyla, begins with a solemn session in the Archdiocese of Cracow, the Informative Process relating to the life and virtues of Sister Faustina. From this moment, Sister Faustina is worthy of the title, Servant of God. Nov. 25, 1966 While the Informative Process relating to the virtues, writings and devotion of the Servant of God, Sister Faustina, is being conducted (October 21, 1965 to September 20, 1967), her remains are exhumed and transferred to a tomb specially prepared for this purpose in the chapel of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Over the tomb is a black slab with a cross in the center. The slab usually has fresh flowers brought by the faithful, who plead for numerous graces through the intercession of Sister Faustina. 21 Sept. 20, 1967 His Eminence, Karol Cardinal Wojtyla, with a solemn session, closes the Informative Process of the Servant of God in the Cracow Archdiocese. January 26, 1968 The Acts of the Informative Process are received in Rome by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints. January 31, 1968 By a Decree of the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the Process of Beatification of the Servant of God, Sister Faustina H. Kowalska, is formally inaugurated.

    In 1938 she receives a prophecy from God:

    Saint Faustina Kowalska: (1732) As I was praying for Poland, I heard the words: I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming.

    Forty years later (1978), Karol Wojtyła becomes pope.

    Karol Wojtyła, a man who was born on the 18th day of the month and proclaimed to the world as Pope at 18:18 hrs

    This year, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of his election as Pope.

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  6. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    Im not sure i buy the 40 years thing, i don't think everything needs to be a specific time/date after something else... BUT to go along with this is Faustina 823.

    St Faustina, pray for us
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  7. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    Hi Dean,
    You're right. It is not a dogma, but:

    First Apparitions of the Angel in Fatima (1916) .................................................De-Stalinization (1956). [Fatima called for prayer for Russia]
    Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel (1948) ......................... The declaration of a State of Palestine (1988)
    NATO (1949) ...................................................................................................... The collapse of communism in Europe (1989)


    320 AD Forty Roman legionnaires chose to choose a martyrdom rather than deny one's faith.

    It happened after the publication of the Milan edict, which legalized professing faith in Jesus Christ. Licinius, the Emperor of the East, did not intend to follow the arrangements with Constantine and continued to persecute Christians in his lands. On his orders, legionnaires were ordered from the famous Roman legion Fulminatus (Błyskawica) to sacrifice incense on the altar of the Roman god. Forty Christian soldiers firmly refused. One of them, Cyrion, said to Governor Agrykolanus:
    "If you are brave, as you say, we fought for the earthly Emperor, how can you suppose that we will act differently to our supreme Lord, which is God?"

    The legionaries were locked up in Sebaście prison. They were tortured there, and when they were still not broken, they were sentenced to death by freezing. Apparently, they made a joint will at the time, in which they said goodbye to their families and asked them to be buried in a common grave. The naked were taken to a frozen lake. Standing on the freezing cold, they said:

    "Indeed, we are barred from the garments, but leave the old man. It is cold, but sweet paradise, painful ice, sweet reward. We will not go back, knight! We will suffer a little so that we may be crowned with victory by Christ the God and the Savior of our souls. "

    Flames were lit around the lake, telling the soldiers that they could warm themselves by the fire at any moment, if they would only worship the pagan god. However, they prayed that God would keep them all from weakness at this moment of the final test:

    "Lord, here are forty of us who have entered the battlefield, do not let less than forty have achieved the crown of victory. May there be no one missing from this number, which includes special dignity. "

    Apparently one of the legionnaires actually broke down and made the sacrifice ordered. But then one of the guards saw over the heads of the remaining crowns of glory and, undressed, joined them. So 40 people have died for Christ.
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  8. Solanus.

    Solanus. New Member

    Never liked that Sister Faustina......Much to severe to my liking. I did like St Theresa of The little Flower. Alas she never liked me.

    I did see her one time if I may add...............Odd experience I must say.........
  9. Solanus.

    Solanus. New Member

    Oops, as I had meant to add. Chatting to an old girl one day who told me of her severe dislike for St Teresa. I asked why and she told me that old girl always gave a crown of thorns...............
  10. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    Saint Faustina saved my marriage and brought me back to the church and God. So be careful of that criticism I don't take it well :)
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  11. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    This is a rather strange post from a Catholic. God loves St Faustina and you don't even like her!
  12. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    My husband and I were privileged to be at a Carmelite Convent in Southern Maryland about 10 years ago when the relics of St. Therese were touring the US.
    WOW!!!!! What a great blessing it was for us to attend the ceremony, see the nuns processing in public and be so blessed with many graces at the service.
    Sometimes the saints just pick us out of the blue to let us know that they are our special patrons in Heaven.
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  13. jackzokay

    jackzokay Angels

    Very strange post indeed. My daughter is named after Faustina.

    Its probably worth taking the time to study her faith, and her wisdom before criticising her.

    I'm currently reading her diary. I'll gladly forward it to you when I've finished it.
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  14. Solanus.

    Solanus. New Member


    Not intended to offend anyone I assure you. I just never seemed to get along with her. I have read a lot of her writings, always try to say as many Divine Mercy as I can daily, especially if I hear of a death. I do hope she will forgive me for not being too keen on her. I was introduced to her prayers and have at least one reason as to a death in my family to believe.

    I suppose really if you are introduced to someone you don't have to like them. Just think kindly and move on.
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  15. Claves.Sancti.Petri

    Claves.Sancti.Petri Principalities

    Has anyone read Elizabeth Kindleman I found her a little easier to read and to the point. Both are beautiful writings though
  16. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    Do not blame yourself about St. Faustina. For many people, her spiritual discipline and the spirit of penance can indeed be repugnant. But such was her disposition and such at that time prevailed customs in the monasteries. Maybe I generalize, but I think so. Saints are very different. For example Thérèse had a problem with the rosary:

    One aspect of St. Thérèse’s life that was expunged from the initial publication of her autobiography was details of the difficulties she faced in applying herself to prayer. One passage in particular mentions this struggle as regards the rosary. The details should serve as no small consolation to those who struggle with the daily recitation of the rosary or other pious observances:

    “I feel then that the fervor of my Sisters makes up for my lack of fervor; but when alone (I am ashamed to admit it) the recitation of the rosary is more difficult for me than the wearing of an instrument of penance. I feel I have said this so poorly! I force myself in vain to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary; I don’t succeed in fixing my mind on them.

    For a long time I was desolate about this lack of devotion which astonished me, for I love the Blessed Virgin so much that it should be easy for me to recite in her honor prayers which are so pleasing to her. Now I am less desolate; I think that the Queen of heaven, since she is my mother, must see my good will and she is satisfied with it. Sometimes when my mind is in such aridity that it is impossible to draw forth one single thought to unite me with God, I very slowly recite an “Our Father” and then the “Hail Mary”; then these prayers give me great delight; they nourish my soul much more than if I had recited them precipitately a hundred times.”
  17. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    Claves, I read Elizabeth Kindleman many years ago. I recommend to everyone.
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  18. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    A call to conversion

    There is a passage in the Gospel of Luke 13,4 when Jesus calls to conversion, speaking about the tower in Siloam that killed 18 people.

    " Or those eighteen on whom the tower at Siloam fell, killing them all? Do you suppose that they were more guilty than all the other people living in Jerusalem?

    They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did".

    October 18, 1961 - The first message of Our Lady ...................................... 40 years later .................................. September 11, 2001 - Attack on WTC
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  19. Solanus.

    Solanus. New Member

    then these prayers give me great delight; they nourish my soul much more than if I had recited them precipitately a hundred times.”

    Like that girl I oft times wonder if those prayers are heard. Having to try to believe though keeps me plugging away.

    Look not on my sins sort of thing......Beannacht leat.
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  20. tomekos

    tomekos New Member

    I know that unheeded prayers hurt. Often, not listening to our prayers is an attempt. I think God feels good when we talk to Him and not only when we ask for something.
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